Achievement Unlocked 2 is the sequel to Achievement Unlocked with 250 achievements. It has many new items, including Hidey Holes, Teleports, and Coins.

There are eight main areas in Achievement Unlocked 2:

  • Floor 1
  • Floor 2 (Piano)
  • Floor 3 (Slot Machine)
  • Floor 4 (Teleports)
  • Floor 5 (Orange Button)
  • Catalacysm (Fill and Drain Buttons
  • Home (Hamster Wheel)
  • Shop (Buy access to Floors 2, 3, 4, 5, and Catalacysm)

Floors 1 to 5 each contain:

  • 30 hidden coins, which are used to buy access to the other areas. Collecting all 30 coins on any floor unlocks an achievement.
  • A varied number of spikes. Dying on a spike turns it pink. Turning all the spikes pink on any floor unlocks an achievement.
  • 2 Hidey Holes. The elephant is invisible when hiding behind a Hidey Hole. Finding a specific Hidey Hole unlocks an achievement.
  • A varied number of launchers. Some launchers are used to launch the elephant to the next floor.
  • Tiles that turn white when touched. Only 100 tiles must be turned white on each floor for each of five achievements.