Achievement Unlocked 3 is the newest Achievement Unlocked game. It features 400 whole achievements, 650 pellets, 10 rooms, 10 hamsters, 250 coins, 1,765 blocks, and 1 really grumpy hamster. (guinea pig?) On the main menu before doing anything when you just refreshed or something like that, it also shows all the achievements that everyone earned in the whole game.


DESIGN: Jmtb02

ART: Jimp

LOGO: RonJohn

TESTING: Tasselfoot


  • When you hover your mouse on PLAY NOW, the elephant turns around and says Hot Dog!
  • When your talking to the king hamster, he makes weird noises (not loud not smooth) just sounds like De de de de de de
  • When you first play, you go in a random room and you don't have any achievements and the words "Free Candy? (arrow shows below)" looks exactly like it was drawn.